There are no greater threats to our state and nation than those that come from our failure to secure the border. From human traffickers, to drug cartels, to organized terrorist groups, we must develop a Texas solution to this problem that the federal government is unable, or unwilling, to solve. Hatch will invest in the infrastructure and technology necessary to keep people from moving freely back and forth across the border. In addition to the physical barriers, he will also advocate for the use of different available technologies, such as cameras and drones, to ensure we have a virtual border wall where physical barriers are not present. Finally, he will also work to remove the economic incentives that encourage much of the illegal immigration in the first place.


As a member of Governor Abbott’s Broadband Council and the administrator of a rural hospital, Hatch believes that rural infrastructure is one of the keys to ensuring the vitality of the communities that make up House District 53. Our rural roads, highways, water supply, health care, and schools must be prioritized and funded. In the state legislature, the small towns of rural Texas will have no greater ally than Hatch Smith.


Hatch understands that government is not the solution to most problems, but rather the cause. He will fight on behalf of our local job creators to cut government regulation, taxes, and red tape that only serve to stifle our local economies. He will also cut wasteful government spending so that individuals, families, and businesses can keep more of what they earn.


Hatch believes the right to keep and bear arms was settled in 1791 with the adoption of the 2nd Amendment. In the Texas House, he will fight any federal government overreach or attempts in Austin that threaten one of the most basic rights of law-abiding Texans.


Hatch believes there is no higher calling than to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, especially the unborn. All lives are sacred, and while Texas has made major strides in recent years to end abortion in our state, there is still much work to be done. This includes alternatives to abortion programs, making adoption easier, and providing support to women in need.


Hatch is committed to giving parents the power to choose the best education paths for their kids, and believes that the one-size-fits-all approach may not be best for all children. In the Texas House, he aims to secure full funding for the rural public schools that are the heart of his district. With Texas’ strong economy, he sees a great chance to not only ensure local schools have the funds they need and raise teacher salaries but also to introduce more educational choices and resources, boosting economic growth in his district.

Hatch supports Educational Savings Accounts, particularly for kids needing special education and for low-income students in struggling schools. Governor Abbott’s recent school choice proposal, which calls for universal school choice with $500 million in funding focused on students with special needs and those from low-income families, aligns with Hatch’s beliefs. Hatch backs this plan, seeing it as a strong step towards providing more personalized educational opportunities and resources for these students.